Fulwood Church Challenge!


This first challenge is based on the story Jesus told about the Lost Sheep and it is presented to interest anyone from 2 to 92+. The tasks are fun to do and you simply need to read them and decide which colour you want to complete. (The younger ones might want to look at the green version of the tasks.) At the end you will be awarded a badge. This is what you need to do:-


1.      Decide whether you want to do the tasks online using our private Facebook group, or offline with paper copies of the booklets.


2.      If you want the paper booklets, collect your challenge bag from Janet Wales in the porch at church on Sunday 13th September or Sunday 20th September between 2 -3 pm. (These will have been put together by the previous Thursday so that we meet good practice guidelines for covid prevention.) Let her know if you can’t pick up your bag that day.


3.      If you want to work online, download the booklets in PDF form and choose to upload your comments, photos and videos to each task in Unit 1. (see '4' below to download). Send a message to Fulwood Methodist Church on Facebook and we’ll add you or your parent/guardian into the private Facebook group.


4.      Decide which colour you want to complete.  1) Green   2) Blue   3) Yellow 


5.      Complete the tasks – Make! Learn! Change! Pray! Extra!


6.      Put your work in your challenge bag and leave at church, put it on the Facebook group or email it to us by Sunday 18th October.


7.      Your badge will be awarded on Sunday 1st November!