Enough for everyone this Christmas

with Christian Aid


At Christmas, we come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Food is found at many celebrations in the Bible, so it feels entirely appropriate that it is at the heart of our festivities when we celebrate God’s only son coming into the world.

Colette lives in Burkina Faso, West Africa, with her husband, young daughter and baby. Colette’s Christmas is not dissimilar to ours. It starts with cooking delicious food and then getting her children ready for church. She prays for her children, and asks that God will give them health and everything they need. When Colette gets home, she greets her neighbours and they share food. They gather together and show their joy by dancing and singing. Like us, they eat special food on Christmas Day. For Colette and her neighbours, this will be rice, goat and spaghetti!

But life has been hard for Colette. She was forced to work at a gold mine every day to earn money to feed her family. Colette spent days at the mining site without finding any gold to sell. She made so little money that she was not able to buy nutritious food. Her daughter Eulalie was very ill and weak, and was diagnosed with malnutrition.

However, Colette found hope through a market garden project supported by Christian Aid. She and her husband were trained in how to grow crops and were provided with tools and seeds. She produces nutritious food to eat and sell, and can work with her children close by. Eulalie is now four years old and has recovered, and her little sister Ornela has, thankfully, never been malnourished. Colette sells some of her vegetables to pay for healthcare and clothes for her girls. She plans to extend her garden to pay for her children to go to school.

Colette’s story shows that a family can be saved from the horrors of malnutrition. Landlocked Burkina Faso is one of the world’s poorest countries, with almost half of its 16 million inhabitants living below the poverty line. More than 30% of children under five years old have stunted growth. Christian Aid works with its partners to reduce malnutrition and ensure reliable access to healthy food for those in need, such as women of child-bearing age and young children.

Colette’s Christmas is in many ways like our own, filled with generosity and the enjoyment of delicious food. We enjoy and look forward to our special Christmas food and often have too much. Isaiah 58:10 shows God’s love for the hungry and oppressed. Jesus revealed this by feeding the hungry many times. When we respond to the hungry and needy, we reflect the light of Christ.

We all probably know the foods we buy that no one really likes, and those that we buy far too much of. Join Christian Aid’s Enough for Everyone Christmas Appeal by committing to not buying at least one thing that you know would be wasted. You can turn that pledge into a donation to Christian Aid’s work providing life-saving aid and long-term solutions to hunger and malnutrition.

If you save just £13, that could be turned into a village nutrition demonstration in Burkina Faso, teaching more than 25 mothers about nutrition for their children. Together, we could raise £170 to train a nutrition committee to run regular porridge demonstrations and educational sessions in a village like Colette’s.

Will you join thousands of others helping to ensure there is enough for everyone this Christmas?

You can make a donation by visiting christianaid.org.uk/christmas or calling 020 7523 2269.

Twice the impact! For every pound you give, the UK government will give a pound more. * That’s double the support for people living in poverty.

* Donations made to the Christmas appeal between 6 November 2017 and 5 February 2018 will be matched up to £2.7 million. We will use your donations for projects such as those featured. The UK Government’s match will fund our work in South Sudan.