The Ministry of Flowers

"The flowers were nice in Church today"

"Lot of flowers today, do you think there was a wedding?"

"Nice display of flowers today but Iím not sure I liked the colours"

Are comments sometimes overheard in Church, but do we ever think about the Ministry of Flowers and how we can all be involved in it?

Why do we have flowers in Church every week, not just on special occasions? I hope that it is to enhance the worship space and to remind us of the beauty in Godís world in the shape of flowers. Sometimes the flowers are given in memory of friends and family or to mark a special occasion - a chance to remember.

What happens to them after the Service? They are taken to people who are in need of a little TLC for whatever reason, with our love and prayers; and in the knowledge that they have been part of our worship.

So, how can we all be involved in this ministry?

  • You may say that you canít arrange a pedestal of flowers, so thatís out. When we worshipped at St. Pius School we had to use a vase, as we had to do them before worship on Sunday morning. I am sure God didnít object to that, so why should we! If you would like to be involved in arranging the flowers for Church in whatever sort of container, please mention it to one of the Stewards and they can introduce you to someone to whom you can have a chat.

  • There is a financial cost to this ministry and if you would like to give some money for the flowers one Sunday in memory of someone, or for an anniversary, or just as an expression of gratitude to God, I am sure that Muriel Crossley would love to talk to you.

  • If you felt that you could commit to taking the flowers out to the people who need them, please ask a Steward about how you can join the rota.

  • If you know of someone who you feel would benefit from being reminded that we care about them, please let Sue Penrith our Pastoral Secretary know. If the people to whom you would like flowers to go are in hospital and are not allowed flowers, please still let Sue know as a card will be sent instead.

  • The Ministry of Flowers is an important part of our Churchís ministry. Have you ever thought about how you can share in it Ė why not?

    Delma Whitman