Health and social care advice 2017

Winter health advice

The belief that ‘exercising’ our brains through mentally stimulating activities like puzzles, games and hobbies makes a lot of sense – if we want our brain to stay in peak condition, we should use it.

It’s cold up North!

As we get older, our bodies respond differently to the cold and can cause difficulties; our blood pressure actually rises when we are cold.

A few tips;



  • Keep active - even chair-based exercises help.

  • Eat well – hot meals and regular hot drinks (use a flask for a constant supply…)

  • Take care when walking outdoors; fallen leaves and ice can cause falls. If you use a walking stick check the rubber bottom (ferrule) to make sure it has plenty of grip – the grooves should be deep and even.

Rachel Imms

About the author:

Rachel is a member of the Fulwood Methodist congregation who has worked as an Occupational Therapist (OT) for almost 20 years. Her most recent post was clinical lead for acute medicine at Royal Preston Hospital. She has recently moved into a teaching role at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) and is now offering advice and support on a voluntary basis to the local church community. This new venture will begin with a series of articles offering advice and information which may prove useful to you or your family and friends.

Should you have any specific requests or questions please email the church on or leave a message with one of the stewards.