We the church must build the kingdom  

We the church must build the kingdom,
Soul by soul in every place.

Built on love and by salvation
None left out by creed or race.

In the town and in the country,

In the mansions and the slums.

All are loved by God Almighty
Loved and cared for, everyone.


We as Christians fail our Saviour

When we do not show his love.
When we take our ease and comfort
With the powerful, hand in glove.
Walking past and just ignoring
Those in peril and in need.

All the people loved by Jesus,
Those for whom our Lord did bleed.


We the Church, we must do better,
We must show his Love to all.

Even those that are not like us,
Those we do not want to call
Brothers, sisters, mums and fathers,
All are sacred in His sight.
All are members of the Kingdom,
Brought from darkness into light.


If we want to join his Kingdom
We must leave ourselves behind.

Lose our fears and inhibitions
And embrace all humankind.

We must learn that we’re not perfect
And we’re saved by God’s good grace.
Only then can we be Christians
And in love then take our place.

This hymn has been written by Prof. Alan Gillies, from Bamber Bridge church. We sang it when Alan preached at Fulwood on 12th November. It is free for anyone to use and the recommended tune is ‘Abbot’s Leigh’.