At our recent ‘SOS for Planet Earth Eco Fairwhich was an addition to our regular ‘Farmers’ Market’, There was information about a new form of energy production being developed. Below is the information that was available to look at. Please check the web links for more information.

All our children may die early if we don't use this new disruptive technology to reverse Climate Change.

We must now move decisively and quickly away from coal, oil and gas and alternatives with large carbon footprints into free (after initial set up) clean and renewable energy - from sunlight stored in nitrogen, at its immense pressure as a supercritical fluid (SCF), which this new technology enables.

We have no time to lose and incremental improvements to existing technologies aren’t enough; we need something truly disruptive to reverse climate change as referenced here:

The House of Commons has declared a Climate Emergency. Nothing has been done, comfortable people don't want change, but we will not survive unless the major political parties come together to take swift and radical action.

This petition is for Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson and we require they make available funding, as required, for full prototyping, to production ready technology, to enable vehicles and domestic and commercial properties to run clean on nitrogen 24/7.

John, a barrister who, one day, was served a flat Coca-Cola. He described this as an abomination to mankind! Instead of complaining, he invented a unique pressure valve which can handle extremely high pressures and enable drinks to be dispensed with the perfect amount of fizz.

Unknowingly, he had in fact, invented a solution to climate change.

Here's the science bit, where John explains how his technology works with beverages, but the principle is the same in using SCF Nitrogen to turn a turbine, to create clean electricity, for a domestic property:

This valve is the key to the process in which Nitrogen is taken from the atmosphere, cooled to its liquid state, placed in a vessel and then allowed to warm to room temperature where (by the power of nature) it compresses to extremely high pressure (40,000 PSI plus) and can then be precisely released through John`s pressure valve to power generators, cars, trains, homes and multiple other uses.

In a nutshell, it is free, clean energy from sunlight for use 24/7 which can be used anywhere, for any purpose, including capturing Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere to reverse the damage we have done - if done we may survive. If not we won't.

In order to halt climate change a new way of thinking and truly disruptive technology is required. This is that technology.

Please sign our petition to cause the major political parties to adopt this solution to climate change and to very much improve the future of the UK as the global Climate Superpower making the new things to export to create new markets and the new employments which monopoly brings from internationally patented, ‘game changing’, disruptive technology .

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Veronica Frost