Christmas Fun

Mince Pie Challenge

We are holding a Mince Pie Challenge this year at Fulwood. There are three categories; Under 16’s, Adults and Family. For the competition you have to have a Mince Pie or Vegetarian alternative filling and produce 6 pies. These will be judged at lunchtime after the Nativity service on 22nd December – so get your creative minds working and create. What about chocolate orange and mincemeat in a filo pastry or Brussel sprout & mincemeat filling in a sweet pastry case? You will also need to make a note of ingredients used so people with allergies etc. know. For further details please ask me.


Gingerbread Nativity


Come along and join us on Saturday 21st December 10.30am - 12noon for some fun making and decorating gingerbread nativity figures – Please if you would like to come, young or older, then sign up so we know how much gingerbread we need to provide.




Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Join us on Friday 3rd January 11.00am - 1.00pm for our now annual Teddy Bears Picnic. There will be lots of crafts, games and fun plus lunchtime picnic – so bring your picnic blankets & most importantly your Teddy Bears.

Please sign up if you would like to come for catering purposes.