Ignition: This speaks of the Holy Spirit, which ignites us to follow Jesus

Accelerator: When we trust the Lord we should then start to serve him

Fuel: We cannot go anywhere without this. Our fuel is prayer and worship.

Clutch: Grasp tightly to the Lord every day of our lives.

Gears: We must not be neutral in our faith or stay in low gear. We must progress through the gears and know more of Jesus and how to serve him.

Indicators: We should let others know where we are going, we should let them know that we serve Jesus through our words and deeds.

Brake: Put a stop to things before it is too late Ė a lack of forgiveness for others, gossip, ill temper. We must also stop to take time to pray and be with God.

Lights: Let your light shine so that people may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.

Demister: When the road isnít clear and we arenít able to see clearly, turn to God for guidance.

Mirrors: We are all made in Godís image. Let us mirror Him in compassion and love for others. Let us also recognise God in other people and afford them respect.

Wipers: God will wipe away all our sins, if we confess them and seek repentance, and set us free.