There is a special time of year

That means so much to me,

It is the time of harvest...

Godís presence here I see;


From apples slowing ripening

In orchards green and fair,

To pastures where alfalfa

Blooms so sweetly there.


As I labour in the vineyards

I know God has been here too,

For the vines are heavy-ladened

With grapes of purple hue.


Now the time has come to harvest

The fields of golden grain,

Godís bounty overflowing

From every fertile plain.


The haystacks now are ready,

In rows the bundles stand,

They await the farmerís wagon

God bless this fruitful land.




I hear the wild geese calling,

They know its time to go.

Soon theyíll be flying southward

As their flocks in numbers grow.


Walking through the cornfields

As the sun sets in the west,

I see a rainbow forming

Oíer this soil that Heaven blessed.


Now the autumn leaves are falling

As the pumpkins orange grow,

And the harvest moon is shining

On the stubbled fields below.


The barn doors are now open,

Gently swinging wide,

To welcome all the harvest

That God helped place inside.


Every silo now is bulging

And each one has his reward,

But we must all remember

To thank our blessed Lord


Author unknown