When the magazine has to be prepared in high summer, with people forever coming and going, it’s almost guaranteed to turn out to be something of a hotch-potch – and that’s what you have here! Nonetheless, I hope that you’ll find something of interest within its pages.

Included in the Editorial of the Spring issue was the idea of running a ‘What Did You Do In The War, Dad?’ – particularly with the anniversary of D-Day in mind. I’m aware that some people had been discussing it - but no one, so far, has come up with anything! Accordingly, I’ve decided to take the lead, start the thing off and see what transpires.

For our Christmas issue the copy date will be Sunday, 17th November, 2019. Any contributions ahead of that date would be especially welcome. (N.B. Articles may be subject to editing.)

P.S. John Haslett’s ‘Morris Dancers and Rose Queens’ books were the sources of the archive newspaper quotations.

Roy Smith