The Occasional Choir

We are enjoying our ‘Occasional Choir’, whose plan is to sing at special occasions in the church year. As we cannot all guarantee to be available at any one time there is security in numbers so do join us if you would enjoy taking part in enhancing our worship even if your availability is restricted. If the choir is big enough we will always have enough members to feel confident.. We are starting with simple music and as we gain confidence we shall try to add to our repertoire.

We would love to have an ‘Occasional Orchestra’ too!

Perhaps ‘orchestra’ is a bit too grand, more of an ensemble perhaps! Looking ahead to Christmas, how about playing some carols; music not too difficult, a new sound for the congregation to enjoy and fun for us!

Watch out for more news and in the meantime dust off your strings, woodwind, brass or percussion and we’ll have a Saturday morning some tome to see what we can do. Even if your skills are rusty or you are a beginner we can write a part for you!

Please get in touch with Mavis Fletcher on 01772 655939 or email if you are interested. All ages welcome. We shall play for our own pleasure at first and when we are confident, we shall stun everyone else!