At 3Generate 2017, children and young people had the opportunity to speak out on a variety of issues that mattered to them.

Here is a summary of what was said: They want a church that keeps God at the centre is not afraid always takes action is relevant is about togetherness is an inclusive and safe space has children and young people involved in all aspects of its life.

A church community that keeps God at the centre:

Where we do what God asks us to do - love each other.

Where prayer and engaging with the Bible are central.

Where sharing our faith stories is encouraged and valued so that we grow closer to God.


Is not afraid:

To step out in faith and trust God.

To lead the way on issues of injustice and social action.

To have difficult conversations on challenging topics.


Always takes action:

By sharing inspiring stories of action and change.

By challenging injustice.

By engaging politically e.g. in the debate around nuclear weapons.

By praying for and responding to those in need e.g. supporting Foodbanks.

By caring for the environment e.g. using less plastic.


Is relevant:

Where people are equipped to engage with, and respond to, current issues.

Where worship is engaging.

Where modern technology is used effectively.

Where we work towards being environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Is about togetherness:

0Where adults value and support young people.

Where better relationships are built, through conversations and questions, leading to acceptance, kindness, understanding and mutual respect.

Where we learn about and understand other faiths.


Is an inclusive and safe space:

Where all are welcomed, respected and accepted.

Where we celebrate uniqueness and difference.

Where we can have safe, open-minded conversation.

Where there is support for those with mental health issues.

Where we can be still, rest and connect with God.


Has children and young people involved in all aspects of its life:

Where we are trusted.

Where there are opportunities for us to lead.

Where our voice is heard and responded to.

What do you think? and What do you want from Church?

Darren Arnold