Jean Smith

Born in Stretford, Manchester of a Scottish father and English mother, she lived there as a child. During the war she worked in the Land Army and drove a tractor, but when she drove it into ditch they didnít trust her again! When she met her husband in Prestatyn she moved to North Wales. They had two children, Michael and Carol. She next started training to be nurse, then worked as a housekeeper.

In 1965 they all moved to Australia where they lived for 8 years. They built their own house there. On returning to England they lived in Blackpool, near Jeanís mother.

She and Frank separated and Frank died just before they were divorced.

Later she met and married her second husband Harry. They married at Guttridge Methodist Church and she also attended the Free Methodist Church with him.

While she worshipped at Guttridge Methodist Church she was very supportive and always helped in the kitchen. She did the Alpha Course and when that finished she attended the weekly Bible studies. She also enjoyed the Ladiesí Fellowship. She loved singing and had a good voice. While able, she enjoyed the keep fit classes.

Her great joy was holidays. She went all over and particularly liked Llandudno and Bispham. When she was no longer able to travel far she went regularly to stay at the same place in Blackpool. There she became almost like a member of the family where she stayed.

She enjoyed reading, crosswords and knitting for charity; was a volunteer at the Hospital and worked at the Age Concern charity shop. She was quiet and pleasant, but did not like to be seen as a sweet old lady! Jean loved to talk about her two grandchildren and three great grandchildren She was sad that she was not well enough to attend the family wedding in March. Jean always kept up a connection with the church wherever she was and practised her faith.