There was an excellent turn out on the evening of Shrove Tuesday when sixty folk, young, not so young and getting on a bit, gathered in Willow Grove to enjoy freshly cooked pancakes. On arrival, numbered tickets were dispensed by Mike Ellis, the counterfoil of which was delivered to the kitchen. It was an extremely efficient system. When our number was called out, we collected our pancake which was served to us by Hope and Verity. There was a table covered with various fillings including sugar, cinnamon, lemon, mango and exotics such as Nutella and for those with a savoury preference, ratatouille and cheese. This table was overseen by Beryl Hoyle, Margaret Holmes and Moira Black. A range of soft drinks was served by a very efficient and suitably attired waiter in the shape of Steve Anyon,

The kitchen was a hive of industry. Janet Lowes made the batter, the Rev Jane and Pam O’Brian cooked the pancakes which were served up by Annette Ellis. Sue Penrith fulfilled the role of maid of all work!

Meanwhile Darren had organised various games and activities for the children and there were quizzes and puzzles for those who did not wish to crawl about the floor! Oh, and also seeing how high you could toss a pancake.

There was a mixture of folk of all ages from church and families from the Toddler Club and everyone mingled together. The young mum who was sitting with Jackie Clarke and me commented that it was wonderful to have her pancakes cooked for her because at home she usually ate when everyone else had finished!

There was sufficient batter for second pancakes if required and Jane said they had cooked about 105. Verity acted as Mistress of Ceremonies and read out the answers to the quiz which was about pancakes, naturally. Almost £70 was raised after expenses which was then made up to £100 and donated to Christian Aid. It was a very enjoyable evening and the pancake consumers were more than pleased to give the entire team a round of applause.

Barbara Hothersall