from Rev Jane Wild

Dear Friends

As we prepare for Easter, we hear that one of our larger supermarkets ".makes Easter" by providing all the things that you need. Easter eggs, table decorations, food, gifts, crackers, (of the kind normally associated with Christmas). Apparently they are becoming very popular, as are toys instead of Easter eggs for the health conscious parent.

This set my imagination into overdrive - What would one put in an Easter cracker or sell as a toy?

Fix-your-own-man-on-a-cross toy.

  A rock with angels and a Jesus that pops out when you press a concealed button.

A cross, a means of execution.

A whip or crown of thorns, some folded bloody grave clothes.

A beaten and scared man.

An empty tomb.


Surely I have the wrong end of stick. I suspect that the crackers and toys actually centre round eggs, chicks, flowers, and chocolate.

What a huge gap between the commercial world /culture we inhabit and our celebration in Church. (Although none of the things mentioned are intrinsically bad)

Our greatest celebration of the year is that of the Resurrection. Here we see hope where there is darkness, life in the face of death, the promise of an unending relationship with God. It is epitomised in believers sharing a meal together, having been to the depths of the denial and abandonment of the Holy week events.

It should be celebrated, but cannot and should not be sanitized or be put in the form of a commercial cracker to decorate a table.

We have a transformational message for the world and an offer of life, our challenge this Easter is to proclaim it.

Take time to join for some of our Easter and Holy Week services and even invite someone to come with you.

May the Blessings of God be with you,