Be light O Lord, to our eyes, music to our ears and contentment to our heart. Be sunlight in our day, food at our table and rest to us in the night. Let us rejoice to be about your business and let us live to your praise and glory, now and forever. Amen

John Cosin


The love of Christ surround us

The light of Christ lead us

The peace of Christ fill us

The power of Christ aid us

The joy of Christ thrill us

The presence of Christ be with us forevermore

A Celtic prayer


May He support us all the day long,

Till the shades lengthen

And the evening comes,

And the busy world is hushed,

And the fever of life is over,

And our work is done

Then in His mercy may He give us

A safe lodging, and a holy rest and

Peace at the last

John Henry Newman

1801 - 1890