Welcome Saturday

On Saturday 20th January we held our first Welcome Saturday social event. Following on from the success of Welcome Wednesday, it was felt a Saturday evening social event would fill the role of radical hospitality. Somewhere safe to meet friends and make new ones and enjoy each other’s company. Like any good social event food and singing are always a good starter. So we stepped out in faith and booked our Community Choir, who didn’t disappoint and gave us a variety of songs from the shows, which went down tremendously well with everyone. Ken Black had kindly set up some appropriate lighting which made our surrounding more atmospheric.

John Ferris very gallantly stepped in with his guitar at late notice, as ‘Elvis’ look-a-like had broken his foot, and sang a number of songs, getting a request for Abba numbers. (great stuff).

We had a quiz which Dave Topping organised for us, along with silly games and some more traditional table games. Our karaoke wasn’t as successful as we would have liked, however Verity and friends joined in and raised our game. A few people ventured on to the floor and danced the night away!

This was all topped off by a great supper by Martin and Sue, ably assisted by Dot, Janet, Laura and Bran.

So having made the leap I am pleased to say the evening was a qualified success and certainly something to build on. Having requests for another, we have set a date of Sat 5th May 7.00pm - 9.30pm. See you there.

Edna Armstrong