Very many thanks to all who have contributed material to this issue and thank you too to all who bring back other folks’ church magazines. Some even arrive by the carrier bag load! I know I say, "There’s always something to be learnt from them." So what do I learn? Better ways of doing some things for a start – and also ways in which not to do things.

From the latest batch I’ve learnt that there’s a small village near Salisbury named Lover (honest!); that one church has changed the name of its Toddlers’ Club to Squeals On Wheels and that another church has extended its ‘open for refreshments’ to include a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon – because they consider that’s a time when some people feel most alone. All interesting stuff and matters to ponder.

For the Christmas issue the copy date will be Sunday, 19th November, 2017. Any contributions ahead of that date would be especially welcome. (N.B. Articles may be subject to editing.)

Roy Smith (Editor)