We are enormously grateful to everyone who contributed to our leaving gift, sent us cards and took part in the wonderful services on our last Sunday with you. The last five years have been a deeply enriching experience, out of which we have forged some great relationships, travelled together through the highs and lows of Church life and been privileged to share the joys and sorrows of many people’s lives.

Our last Sunday with you was certainly an emotional time, but we felt uplifted by the love and sense of worship. Our friends who joined us were full of praise for the quality of the music and the singing! We are so grateful to all who contributed to an inspiring day. The last few weeks are all a bit of a haze with attempts to complete all the work deadlines, the packing of our possessions in Fulwood, the Farewell Services and the move, and then work on the new house (decorating and gardening). At the moment, it feels a bit more like a dislocation than a relocation, but in the midst of all the changes we have been conscious of the thoughts and prayers of folks at Fulwood.

We should explain that at the moment we are not actually living in Seaton Sluice, but staying with Christine’s parents in Gateshead, due to the fact that our new home is not habitable yet! The building work is progressing well, a loft conversion having been completed and a start made on a ground floor extension and the re-arrangement of living rooms. All being well we should be moving in by the end of October and ready to receive visitors.

We’d be pleased to see anyone who’s passing this way, the Church Stewards have our address.

Malcolm & Christine Hickox


Our new home by the sea


View from rooftop windows