In 1917 the firm of ‘Ambrosia’ was set up in Devon, producing dried milk for the troops in the trenches and to feed undernourished infants. As you’ll probably know from tins in your kitchen cupboards, the firm is still in production, occupying the same site, but employing far more staff, supporting many more dairy farmers and worth much more financially.


One hundred years ago, in late September, the most decisive phase of the Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele) began.

A photo of the Bible that saved the life of Private Lemuel Thomas Rees – by stopping a shell fragment – during the Battle of Passchendaele, is featured on the latest set of stamps issued by the Royal Mail.
Remember the Tower of London display of ceramic poppies? A similar sculpture ‘Poppies: Wave’ is on display at the Naval Memorial, Plymouth Hoe. Each poppy represents a British or Colonial life lost in the First World War. The sculpture has already been seen in Southend, Cardiff, Hull and Derby. It will be in Plymouth until 19th November 2017.



Poppies at Hull Maritime Museum


From 26th November the Museum of the Cambrai Tank will be open.

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