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Registered Charity Number: 1133929

Updated 24 March 2022 19:27


March 2022


Following the recent Government announcement regarding the relaxation of Covid restrictions, we are pleased to outline arrangements moving forward:

1. The wearing of masks is now discretionary; it is up to individuals whether they wear one or not. However, as many vulnerable people attend worship, we would ask that keeping all members of the congregation safe be a factor in your decision.

2. We will not be recording attendees at worship.

3. Sanitization equipment will still be available around the building for those who may wish to use it.

4. Hymns and Psalms hymn books will be available on the trolley as you enter Church, for those who want to use them.

5. All QR code signage will be removed.

6. Coffee after morning worship will recommence immediately.

7. Zoom will continue for those unable to join worship at Church.

8. Offerings from the pews will recommence on Easter Sunday. For those who give by standing order but wish to place something on the plate there will be tokens available to collect as you enter Church.

9. The left-hand bank of pews (closest to door to Willow Grove) will still have every other pew out of use so people who want to sit socially distanced still can. In the centre and right-hand banks, we have removed the 'Pew not in Use' signs and the congregation can sit with whoever or where they want.