26th November      Dalton and Priscila Whitehead

      "      "               Harry Jones

      "      "               Lillie Green

3rd December       Harry Taylor



9th September      Jimmy Holden and Ruth Monks

21st October         Mark Davison and Laura Heggie


We remember and give thanks for the lives of those in our Church Family who have died and pray for their loved ones


21st September    Brenda Heaton

31st October        Geoff Oliver

22nd November    Derek Heane

24th November     Arnold Barker  

30th November     Donald Talbot

Stephen and Myrtle Poxon wish to share with friends at Fulwood the sad news that Stephen’s father Ken passed away quietly on Monday 27th November. He was 97 years old.

We continue to pray for those in who are ill or in need at this time and particularly those who find the season of Christmas difficult.